Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Day in the Life

My friends ask me why I haven’t written much lately. Although I can write technical and research papers almost in my sleep, writing about my personal life is difficult because I’m so involved with the people I live with. I have intense feelings for the women, Mary and Jane, but I also have doubts that they have the same feelings for me. Why do I feel this way?

People who don’t know our living situation think I’m living in an endless orgy with two beautiful women. The women are attractive to me, especially since I fancy older women, but endless orgies? The truth is the women are more into each other than into me. People who don’t know them would assume by their appearance and whom they hang out with that they are lesbians. But our friends and I know differently. Like Betty Dodson said of herself, the women are lesbian with a tendency toward bisexuality.  They don’t like the kind of rough penetrating sex they usually get from guys. They prefer more fondling, kissing and fingers touching their sensitive areas. They use vibrators to build the intensity of their orgasm. I’m more than willing to accommodate them with the sensual touching they prefer. They use my cock like a vibrator when they mount me and grind their pelvis up and down my bone. A warm erection feels a lot different than a cold piece of plastic. They have a wave of orgasms as the women ride me to the climax they like.

Our threesomes don’t happen every day as some people think. We’re all very busy and we have our friends whom we are intimate with. Jane has her “clients”, usually lawyers she is acquainted with. Mary has friends she meets at the bookstore where she works. And me? I get calls for one-night stands from women who live in the dorms. I also hang with some guys I swim with at the college. Jane, Mary and I have an open relationship: we can have his or her own partners as long as everyone knows them. Jane and Mary introduce their partners to me and I introduce my partners to them. We’re all friends.

Sometimes we have an orgy where we invite our partners to join in. We meet at one of the partner’s homes or they meet at ours. The room is lit with candles. We sit on couches or pillows on the floor. Our parties are different than swinging. We first get acquainted with each other with a little smoke and some hot spicy “herbal” tea. We talk and laugh a lot. After a while the room heats up and our clothes come off, our hands start caressing bodies. Talking is replaced by kissing. In swinging, a man and a woman will pair off. In our open parties, sometimes a woman will pair off with another woman, sometimes a guy with a guy. Often the groups are two men and one woman or two women and one man. After a while we switch between groups. What we do isn’t all f*cking; we do a lot of kissing and fondling, maybe some JO and oral.

We rarely do BDSM play in our orgies because it is just too complicated. BDSM to us is a one-on-one relationship, a kind of intimacy between two people, a sharing of dominance and submission, of pain and pleasure. We extend our BDSM sessions to include all three of us whenever possible. How we relate depends on the mood and the circumstances. I usually submit to Jane as I think of her as superior to me in most ways. I’m playing checkers while she is playing chess. Also, I haven’t had enough experience to dominate someone. Lately, though, Mary has coached me to how she likes to be dominated.  So in this sense, I’m a switch, sometimes in the same play session.

A typical day where we end up playing in a BDSM session goes like this: I make the women breakfast before I go off to school. Mary texts me and I meet her for lunch at the bookstore. After a long spell of “bed-death” she’s feeling amorous again. She rubs her leg against mine. We look into each other’s eyes. I’m thinking, should I suggest we slip off to the house and have a quickie, but she usually suggests we do something with her partner, Jane. She urges me to meet Jane during work later in the afternoon. I text Jane and suggest we meet-up. I go off to work and see Jane later in the evening. She wants to know how my meeting with Mary went. I tell her Mary is waiting for her to come home. Jane becomes enthusiastic, and is looking forward for an evening with Mary. She tells me: “you be sure to come home as early as you can, too!”

I feel good about how Jane and Mary are feeling about each other. It is as if the ice has thawed and we’re all ready to relate again. I hope that maybe we will be a happy family again. I text Mary the news: “Jane wants 2 CU”

Work often keeps me very late. Fortunately the guy who comes in on the night shift has shown up early tonight. He’s cool and lets me slip out early as he will cover for me (I usually cover for him when he’s out at parties). I rush back home. When I come in, I can hear Jane and Mary upstairs in a rumble of laughter and shouts of agony. I go upstairs to take a quick shower. I can hear their play session in fine detail. Jane probably has Mary tied to the rack in her bedroom and is flogging her. The two women seem to like this kind of play as they laugh between the blows of the flogger.

I hear Jane’s voice: “Is that you, Dave”.

“Yes, its me,” I answer.

“We’re waiting for you,” she laughs.

I slip on my g-string and step into my sandals. I wrap a towel around my waist and another around my head and try to dry off quickly as I rush to Jane’s bedroom.

The women are dressed in their underwear. There is a smell of sweat and incense in the dimly lit bedroom. Jane is releasing Mary from the rack. The women turn to me and laugh, “now its your turn, Dave!” 

I’m shackled and tied to the rack. I receive a light flogging on my chest from Mary and between each of her strokes Jane whacks my thighs with her crop.

Soon the pain becomes excruciating and I start gasping for air. “Do you want us to put a gag on you, Dave?” Jane asks.

“No,” I plead to the women, “please don’t”. But they gag me anyway and continue beating me harder. I start to shudder at each crack of Jane’s crop. Jane reaches into my string and pulls my cock out. It springs to an erection. I don’t understand how it happens, but I’m turned-on by this beating.  She clutches my dick and swats it with her crop. I am feeling my threshold of maximum pain. Tears flow down my face, slobber drips out of the ball gag as I whimper. Small amounts of cum are dripping from my swollen cock. I feel as if I am going to pass out. I am in ecstasy.

Jane and Mary fall into the bed and start hugging. I watch the women embrace and grind their bodies together. The room begins to smell of more sweat and come. The women’s bodies shake and shudder. I feel a load coming from my balls to the tip of my cock. We are all coming together.

They release me from the rack and lead me to the bed where they lay on each side. They secure my hands above my head, to the frame of the bed. We kiss and we tongue. I’m hard again. Jane sits on top of me and grinds back and forth. I feel her come gush on my balls. She hops off and continues with her vibrator. Mary now tops me and grinds away. I can feel her fluids drench me.

After Jane and Mary alternate between riding me several more times, they collapse on the bed. Jane releases me and unhooks my shackles. We lie together and continue hugging and kissing through the night.

I drift asleep. Later in the night Jane is pinching my nipple. This awakens me. She has trained me; my cock becomes erect again. We kiss a little and then she pushes me down and presses my face into her. I lick her lips and blow my heated breath into her. Soon I am licking a rush of come from her. We sleep some more and later Mary is squeezing my dick. We kiss and she pushes her tongue in my mouth. She pushes my head down with her hands and I tongue her lower lips lightly as she comes.

When Mary is satisfied, I know its time for me to leave the women alone. I grab my things and slip out the door as Jane and Mary embrace.

After an evening of intense BDSM play and hot, sweaty sex, I slip under my bed covers and fall asleep quickly. In the morning I feel recharged and even more committed to these women who I’ve come to accept as my family.