Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Day in the Life

My friends ask me why I haven’t written much lately. Although I can write technical and research papers almost in my sleep, writing about my personal life is difficult because I’m so involved with the people I live with. I have intense feelings for the women, Mary and Jane, but I also have doubts that they have the same feelings for me. Why do I feel this way?

People who don’t know our living situation think I’m living in an endless orgy with two beautiful women. The women are attractive to me, especially since I fancy older women, but endless orgies? The truth is the women are more into each other than into me. People who don’t know them would assume by their appearance and whom they hang out with that they are lesbians. But our friends and I know differently. Like Betty Dodson said of herself, the women are lesbian with a tendency toward bisexuality.  They don’t like the kind of rough penetrating sex they usually get from guys. They prefer more fondling, kissing and fingers touching their sensitive areas. They use vibrators to build the intensity of their orgasm. I’m more than willing to accommodate them with the sensual touching they prefer. They use my cock like a vibrator when they mount me and grind their pelvis up and down my bone. A warm erection feels a lot different than a cold piece of plastic. They have a wave of orgasms as the women ride me to the climax they like.

Our threesomes don’t happen every day as some people think. We’re all very busy and we have our friends whom we are intimate with. Jane has her “clients”, usually lawyers she is acquainted with. Mary has friends she meets at the bookstore where she works. And me? I get calls for one-night stands from women who live in the dorms. I also hang with some guys I swim with at the college. Jane, Mary and I have an open relationship: we can have his or her own partners as long as everyone knows them. Jane and Mary introduce their partners to me and I introduce my partners to them. We’re all friends.

Sometimes we have an orgy where we invite our partners to join in. We meet at one of the partner’s homes or they meet at ours. The room is lit with candles. We sit on couches or pillows on the floor. Our parties are different than swinging. We first get acquainted with each other with a little smoke and some hot spicy “herbal” tea. We talk and laugh a lot. After a while the room heats up and our clothes come off, our hands start caressing bodies. Talking is replaced by kissing. In swinging, a man and a woman will pair off. In our open parties, sometimes a woman will pair off with another woman, sometimes a guy with a guy. Often the groups are two men and one woman or two women and one man. After a while we switch between groups. What we do isn’t all f*cking; we do a lot of kissing and fondling, maybe some JO and oral.

We rarely do BDSM play in our orgies because it is just too complicated. BDSM to us is a one-on-one relationship, a kind of intimacy between two people, a sharing of dominance and submission, of pain and pleasure. We extend our BDSM sessions to include all three of us whenever possible. How we relate depends on the mood and the circumstances. I usually submit to Jane as I think of her as superior to me in most ways. I’m playing checkers while she is playing chess. Also, I haven’t had enough experience to dominate someone. Lately, though, Mary has coached me to how she likes to be dominated.  So in this sense, I’m a switch, sometimes in the same play session.

A typical day where we end up playing in a BDSM session goes like this: I make the women breakfast before I go off to school. Mary texts me and I meet her for lunch at the bookstore. After a long spell of “bed-death” she’s feeling amorous again. She rubs her leg against mine. We look into each other’s eyes. I’m thinking, should I suggest we slip off to the house and have a quickie, but she usually suggests we do something with her partner, Jane. She urges me to meet Jane during work later in the afternoon. I text Jane and suggest we meet-up. I go off to work and see Jane later in the evening. She wants to know how my meeting with Mary went. I tell her Mary is waiting for her to come home. Jane becomes enthusiastic, and is looking forward for an evening with Mary. She tells me: “you be sure to come home as early as you can, too!”

I feel good about how Jane and Mary are feeling about each other. It is as if the ice has thawed and we’re all ready to relate again. I hope that maybe we will be a happy family again. I text Mary the news: “Jane wants 2 CU”

Work often keeps me very late. Fortunately the guy who comes in on the night shift has shown up early tonight. He’s cool and lets me slip out early as he will cover for me (I usually cover for him when he’s out at parties). I rush back home. When I come in, I can hear Jane and Mary upstairs in a rumble of laughter and shouts of agony. I go upstairs to take a quick shower. I can hear their play session in fine detail. Jane probably has Mary tied to the rack in her bedroom and is flogging her. The two women seem to like this kind of play as they laugh between the blows of the flogger.

I hear Jane’s voice: “Is that you, Dave”.

“Yes, its me,” I answer.

“We’re waiting for you,” she laughs.

I slip on my g-string and step into my sandals. I wrap a towel around my waist and another around my head and try to dry off quickly as I rush to Jane’s bedroom.

The women are dressed in their underwear. There is a smell of sweat and incense in the dimly lit bedroom. Jane is releasing Mary from the rack. The women turn to me and laugh, “now its your turn, Dave!” 

I’m shackled and tied to the rack. I receive a light flogging on my chest from Mary and between each of her strokes Jane whacks my thighs with her crop.

Soon the pain becomes excruciating and I start gasping for air. “Do you want us to put a gag on you, Dave?” Jane asks.

“No,” I plead to the women, “please don’t”. But they gag me anyway and continue beating me harder. I start to shudder at each crack of Jane’s crop. Jane reaches into my string and pulls my cock out. It springs to an erection. I don’t understand how it happens, but I’m turned-on by this beating.  She clutches my dick and swats it with her crop. I am feeling my threshold of maximum pain. Tears flow down my face, slobber drips out of the ball gag as I whimper. Small amounts of cum are dripping from my swollen cock. I feel as if I am going to pass out. I am in ecstasy.

Jane and Mary fall into the bed and start hugging. I watch the women embrace and grind their bodies together. The room begins to smell of more sweat and come. The women’s bodies shake and shudder. I feel a load coming from my balls to the tip of my cock. We are all coming together.

They release me from the rack and lead me to the bed where they lay on each side. They secure my hands above my head, to the frame of the bed. We kiss and we tongue. I’m hard again. Jane sits on top of me and grinds back and forth. I feel her come gush on my balls. She hops off and continues with her vibrator. Mary now tops me and grinds away. I can feel her fluids drench me.

After Jane and Mary alternate between riding me several more times, they collapse on the bed. Jane releases me and unhooks my shackles. We lie together and continue hugging and kissing through the night.

I drift asleep. Later in the night Jane is pinching my nipple. This awakens me. She has trained me; my cock becomes erect again. We kiss a little and then she pushes me down and presses my face into her. I lick her lips and blow my heated breath into her. Soon I am licking a rush of come from her. We sleep some more and later Mary is squeezing my dick. We kiss and she pushes her tongue in my mouth. She pushes my head down with her hands and I tongue her lower lips lightly as she comes.

When Mary is satisfied, I know its time for me to leave the women alone. I grab my things and slip out the door as Jane and Mary embrace.

After an evening of intense BDSM play and hot, sweaty sex, I slip under my bed covers and fall asleep quickly. In the morning I feel recharged and even more committed to these women who I’ve come to accept as my family.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dave and Holly meet Jane and Mary at a BDSM Club

I met Holly after my psych class the next day in the Student Union. We got coffee and sat at one of the small round tables. “Did you like our play last night?“ she asked.
“Yes, Holly,” I replied, “did you guys like me?”
“Yes, Tom and I liked you a lot. We’d like you to join us again.”

I visited Tom and Holly for many evenings of play. She gradually ramped up the pain by introducing different floggers, paddles, straps and the most painful of all, the “Sadistick”. Holly also introduced me to predicament bondage. In one session, I was placed in a crouched position and my cock & balls were secured to a spreader bar that my ankles were attached to. My nipples were held with the butterfly clamps; the chain between the clamps was secured to an eyebolt on the ceiling. I could not sit or stand. If I tried to sit, the clamps would pull harder on my nipples. If I stood, the rope would pull on my nuts. Caught between standing and sitting, my muscles began to burn. Eventually extreme pain would shoot through my body.  Holly could sense when I had suffered enough; she would then release me and embrace me in her arms.
In other sessions, I was introduced to the never-ending sit-up. My torso is suspended in a 45-degree angle. If I try to lie, the clamps tighten on my nipples. If I try to sit up, my chained collar tugs at my neck, almost choking me. After a half hour my thighs burn in intense agony attempting to hold this position.
The more intense the sessions were, the deeper I felt attracted to Holly. Watching Holly torture Tom also turned me on; she made him endure much more pain than I could.  At the end of most of our sessions, we had exhilarating sex. Like most guys, I was at first reluctant to engage in sex with another guy; with Holly and Tom it was different. Somehow sex seemed as a joyous conclusion of our BDSM sessions, a sort of celebration of sensuality.
I soon learned that she was active in a local BDSM club. She encouraged me to join - or at least check it out. She would sponsor and mentor me.
I went to the next munch and met a lot of nice people who were also new to it. I applied for a 1-year membership and was accepted. Holly and I planned to go to the next "party" which would be held a few weeks later. Tom decided to stay home with Holly’s kids.
So I purchased the outfit Holly suggested - nothing fancy - leather cuffs, g-string and a play collar. She also suggested I assemble a toy bag. It contained some rope, a ball gag, clamps, a flogger, lube and condoms. The club was in a nightclub and bar neighborhood with crowds of people standing outside and loud bands playing inside. Holly and I walked up the stairs and signed in at the front desk. The attendant directed us to a changing area.  We entered into a hallway lined with lockers. We stripped down to our play outfits and left our street clothes in lockers. Holly was wearing a black corset with fishnet stockings and stilettos. She attached a leather flogger to her belt. 
We went into a large dimly lit room that had couches, tables and chairs in one end, and smaller numbered playrooms with curtain doors. Loud music was playing as costumed members wandered around and greeted each other. It was like Halloween, except it was more of a “Sexalloween” - or like the Exotic Erotic Ball. People meet up and drift off into the rooms for play sessions.
Many of the attendees said hello to Holly. She introduced me as her new “student”. She agreed to meet some of the people later.
Two women said hello to Holly and started a conversation. One was tall, slim, wearing horn-rimmed glasses. She was in high heels, fishnets & red corset, long black leather gloves with a red or magenta streak in her long black hair. The other woman was similarly dressed and had short bleach-blond hair. They were introduced as Jane and Mary. Holly chatted with the women while I purchased several bottles of  water.
Holly persuaded the two women to "break me in" on my first session at the club. They protested that they had never "done boys".
“Don’t worry,” Holly said, “I will show you how to do a boy".

Mary secures Dave to the wall
Our group found a room. It was dimly lit with a few candles. In the room there was a large frame with a padded table inside and a cross that was mounted on the wall with various eyebolts attached. Holly directed the women to tie me up to the wooden cross. She pulled several lengths of rope from her toy bag and gave them to the women. She gave them instructions on how to wind the rope and how tight knots should be. I felt scared about the dark dungeon-like room we were in and the women I had only just met. I began to tremble. Holly sensed my fear and assured me that everything would be all right.
Holly then pulled a leather flogger out of her toy bag. “I always warm up my slaves with some light flogging”, she explained to the women.
She began stroking my back & butt with the flogger. I felt my skin tingle to the touch of the leather strands. She let the women practice on me and advised them on areas of my back where they could and should not strike.
She then retrieved her leather stinger and directed the women to give me several overlapping strokes on my butt. I began gasping as the stinger cracked on my skin. Jane hit me hard; Mary was somewhat gentler. The three women were sharing jokes. The laughter grew so loud that at one point someone from an adjacent room yelled at us and threatened to get us kicked out of the club if we weren’t “serious”. I actually laughed with them, despite the slowly mounting pain on my back & thighs. This session was becoming a joyous experience for us.
After this Holly said, “I want you two to feel how warm you’ve made his butt. That is the heat you should be going for. While you are rubbing his ass, I want you to grab his cock like this”. She showed the women how to squeeze my cock by its tip, a move she had perfected with me in previous sessions at her home.  My erection grew to their touch.
“Its time for a break, ladies”, Holly said. She directed the women to loosen my ropes. We leaned against the edge of the padded table and drank water.
Holly asked me, “how was it, Dave?”
“I liked it very much“, I said.
“Do you prefer Mary or Jane?” she asked.
“I like Jane’s firmness as much as Mary’s light touch, “ I said, trying to be diplomatic, “and your touch is just right, Holly.”
“Good answer,  “ Holly said, “shall we show the ladies some NT and CBT?”

Although I was still sore from the beatings I received from the ladies, I mounted the table and lay on my back. The women attached my ankle cuffs to my legs and tied them loosely to the side of the table. They secured my wrist cuffs and tied them together. They connected this to an eyebolt on the bottom brace of the table. Holly retrieved the black ball gag from my toy bag and fastened it on my mouth. She found the cock ring in my bag, lifted my limp cock and fastened it to the base of my shaft.
She found the butterfly nipple clamps and gave one to each of the women. “Now, I’m going to show you how to apply a clamp to a boy’s nipple”, she said. She pulled out a pair of press-style clamps from her bag. “Dave’s got nice pecs, “ she told the women, “but we need to position him before we apply the clamps.” She clutched a large clump of my pectoral muscle with one hand and tightened the press clamp so that my nipple was sticking out like a mountain peak. She did the same with the other pectoral.

“Now,” she told the women, “ attach the clamps to his nipples”. They each fastened a clamp directly on my extended nipple. A jolt of pain shot through my body. “Now, we test the clamps before we release the press, “ she said as she pulled the chain that was attached to the two clamps. The clamps tightened and sent even stronger jolts of pain through my body as she pulled on the chain. I gasped but could not force much of my screams out through the ball gag. The clamps withstood Holly’s stress test; they would not come off by pulling on the chain. She released the press clamps. I felt additional jolts of pain as blood rushed to my clamped nipples; my blood was throbbing through my chest.
Holly then found a pinwheel from her toy bag and handed it to Jane. “I want you to run this over his chest”, she directed her. She told Mary: “start squeezing his cock here” as she pointed to frenulum of my shaft. Holly had sized up the two women as I had: Jane was more sadistic and Mary more into stimulation. Both women assumed their tasks with glee.

Holly then wound a small cotton rope around my cock and balls and tied a slipknot. She tugged on the rope. My hips rose in the pain. She slipped my toy bag under me as she fastened the rope to an eyebolt that was on the frame above me. She pulled the bag from under me. The rope pulling on my cock suspended me. If I relaxed, the rope would tighten and shoot jolts of pain through my cock. I tried to keep my hips thrust high to lessen the pain but after a while my thigh muscles began to burn. I felt the exquisite pain of predicament bondage for almost a half hour until I was writhing in pain, as sweat and tears draining off my face.
Holly sensed that I had enough of her torture. “Lets release him, ladies, “ she told the women. After I was released, we all leaned on the table and drank water.
“Now tell me Dave, “ Holly asked. “How was our play session tonight?”
“It was fantastic, “ I said in a raspy voice.
“Would you like to do this again sometime?” she asked me.
“Yes, “ I answered enthusiastically, “I’d like to do it again with all of you. “

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My first evening with Holly & Tom

I was looking for a topic to write about for a paper in my psychology class. My research area was centered on "alternate life and love styles". Holly had joined me on the project. We had attended a lecture about non-monogamy earlier and agreed it could be a topic worth exploring.
“You could study me, “ she said , “I can introduce you to several polyamorous couples as well. “
I was attracted to Holly since we first met several semesters ago. Holly is a mother of two young girls in her early forties, living with her boyfriend, Tom. She often talked about how Tom was so much better than her first husband, how he cared for her, how he took care of her children, etc. When I heard her praise of her boyfriend, I felt it would be inappropriate to ask her for a date, although I felt the urge. I still continued to flirt with her: “you know, your smile always makes me happy, “ I said as I touched her hand.
Holly often hinted how her relationship with Tom was so special. I would ask her to explain, but she usually offered generalities such as how attentive Tom was to her. I have a weakness for strong women, especially older ones. Usually when I sense their strength, I become nervous and shy. I learned that these women were often dominants. I had this sensation with Holly and felt excited when she invited me to dinner with her family later in the week.
Holly and Tom live with her two daughters in a petite Victorian in the Noe Valley area of the city. Tom was only a few years older than I, and had graduated from the same college I was attending. Tom set the table, brought the food in and then cleared the table after dinner. He then took the girls up to their rooms while Holly explained her relationship with him.
“We are non-monogamous couple in a female led relationship. Tom is my boy. I love him and he loves my kids and me. We’ve been living together in D/s for several years.”
I asked her to explain the D/s. Holly dominates Tom and he submits to her. “Tom has one primary goal and that is my happiness. He is to listen, obey, serve and follow me”, she said.
“And if he doesn’t? I asked.
“Then he receives punishment from me.”
I felt aroused and curious about this. “You punish him? “ I asked in a choked voice.
“yes,” she replied, “he looks forward to our play when he gets his punishment.”
She explained that she beats Tom regularly to remind him of her dominance. Although she has a set of rules she would like him to live by, she is not very strict with him. “I’m arbitrary with my Tommy, I play with him when I feel like it, even if he hasn’t done anything wrong. In fact, I play with him more when he pleases me, like he does tonight. Would you like to watch how I play with Tom?” she asked.
I was intrigued and said, “If you two don’t mind then yes, very much so”.
Tom eventually returned and Holly explained that she would let me watch her punish him. Tom replied enthusiastically, “we like to show other people how we play.” We went downstairs to the den. Holly opened a small room that was their dungeon and we stepped inside. Tom undressed to his shorts, attached pairs of cuffs to his wrists and ankles and stood before a rack. Holly attached the cuffs to the sides of the frame. She pulled a large leather flogger off the rack on the wall and proceeded to flail Tom’s back. As he yelped, Holly reached around to his chest embracing him and pinching his nipples. I was becoming more aroused by Holly and Tom. I could feel my erection growing. Holly returned the flogger to the rack and selected a ball gag and a long paddle. She said, “I’m going to put this ball gag on Tom so we don’t wake the girls”. She tightened straps of the device around his head and stepped back. The paddle whooshed in the air as she gave him ten whacks, each one harder than the previous one. He gasped through the gag as the paddle struck his butt each time. He began to tremble under the pain of the blows. She reached around him and slipped her hand inside his shorts and clutched his cock. His cock thickened to an erection with her touching. She began slowly jacking him up and down. His body loosened up as he began to relax. She pulled away and gave him another ten whacks, each one harder then the previous ten. He shook even more violently; sweat was covering the surface of his back and legs. He tried to scream, but the gag rendered his cries to muffled moans. He seemed to be humming a song of pain, a steady “owww” that increased in intensity as she continued her paddling. Holly moved closer to him and said, “that’s it, Tom, suffer for me.”
After several minutes of paddling, Holly stopped and reached for a jar of skin lotion, which she rubbed on his reddened back. She applied more lotion to her hands and slid them under his shorts and rubbed it on Tom’s butt. She whispered to him, “I proud of you Tom, you took it like a man”. She then released Tom. He kneeled before her and began kissing her side.
“Thank you for beating me, Holly,” he said to her, his face streaming with sweat and tears, “I needed that”.
“Now, “ Holly turned to me and said, “what about you. Would you like to play?”
“y-y-yes, “ I replied in a short whisper. I was afraid and turned on by what I had seen, “but I don’t know if I could take as much as Tom did.”
“I’ll just give you a few easy ones,” she said. Tom unbuckled his cuffs and handed them to me. I unbuttoned my shirt and dropped my jeans to the floor and buckled the damp cuffs to my ankles and wrists. Holly attached the cuffs to the rack. My erection was jutting under the fabric of my shorts. She reached for the flogger and gave me several light strokes.
“Do you like that, “ she asked me.
“yes, Holly,” I answered with enthusiasm.
“Good, “ she continued flogging me progressively harder, “I’ll give you a few more. Just let me know if you’d like me to stop”.
I felt an adrenaline rush, like the rush I sometimes get from exercising really hard. My heart raced and my breathing quickened. I noticed Tom stroking his member as he watched Holly thrashing my back with the flogger.
After a few minutes, Holly asked: “have you had enough, Dave?”
“Yes, Holly, I think I’ve had enough.” I answered with a trembling voice.
She unfastened my cuffs from the frame. She put her arms around me and hugged. “Did you like that, “ she asked.
“y-y-yes, very much, “ I said. I felt embarrassed and excited that I could actually like a beating, but I guess I liked it because Holly had done this to me. I felt even more attracted to Holly. My member was still erect.
“Would you like another session later on?”
“yes,”, I replied, as I turned to hear, shielding my obvious erection, “I would.”
“Good, then,” she beamed, “then we’ll set another play date for you this week?”
“Yes, I’d like that, “ I said. I don’t know why I agreed to be beat again. I think if I had thought about it, I would have refused, but as it is, I was caught up in the moment. Holly had stirred deeper feelings in me that I wanted to feel more.
Holly suggested we slip in to her hot tub. It was a cold night, typically foggy and windy. The steam rose from the small tub on the rear deck of the house. Holly wound the timer and the jets pushed bubbling streams of heated water into the tub. We stripped off our clothes and slipped into the tepid water.
After relaxing a bit, Holly grasped Tom & my hands and pulled us toward her. We moved in as her hands grasped our members. We began kissing her. Our kisses went lower to the water line as we followed the contours of her body. Holly pushed her body to the ledge of the pool. Tom & I were now kissing her thighs as she pulled our heads in closer.
“I want you to kiss each other, “ she said to Tom & I. We lifted our heads up from her body and looked at each other. Tom moved in closer to me, his lips parting. Holly noticed my hesitation. “Dave, “ she said, “if you’re not comfortable…”
I had not thought of Tom in an erotic way. He was a handsome, masculine guy, a little older than I.
“We’re into open relationships and we are attracted to you, Dave”, Holly said in an encouraging tone.
“Well” I said, “Lets take this slow.”
I leaned in closer to Tom and opened my mouth slightly. His lips enclosed my lower lip as we kissed lightly.
Holly then pulled our heads closer together. I could feel the stubble of his chin. His lips were almost as soft as a woman’s. I stuck my tongue inside his mouth. He sucked it lightly. I was excited.
Holly then suggested we go upstairs. We put on our clothes. I left my shirt off because I needed to cool down and didn’t want to soak the shirt with my sweat. Holly led us to the master bedroom. She pointed to the adjoining bathroom and said, “there’s some clean towels in there if you want to take a shower.” I went in and took a shower. When I came out, I saw Holly and Tom in the large bed, under the covers. They were kissing and fondling each other.
“Would you like to have a smoke with us? “ Holly asked. I sat on the edge of the bed beside her as she handed me the cigarette. Her hand landed on my thigh and wandered toward my crotch. She squeezed my cock. “Would you like to join us?” she asked. I turned and saw Holly and Tom smiling.
I looked at the woman I had been attracted to for a long time beckoning me to sleep with her. “Sure”, I said as I unbuttoned my shirt and slid my jeans off. Holly and Tom made some room for me over as she peeled back the covers. I slid under the sheets, next to her. Holly put one arm around Tom and the other around me. She kissed him first then turned and kissed me.
Tom and I kissed Holly alternately several more times. Eventually we each moved our kisses to other parts of her body. We had an evening of passionate lovemaking.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

their love was deep

He soon realized how deep their love was. Although he was grateful they accepted him into their family, he knew he would need to work hard to win their love.

will she?

couple by the lake, originally uploaded by d&s2009.
He looked at her and wondered if they would ever share their love

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Meet the (POLY) Family

Last weekend I met some of the other members in Jane's extended family as several of her friends visited.

Rick & his partner, Steve, came over Friday evening.

Rick said to Jane, "so this is your new pet?"

She said, "This is Dave. He might be my primary male if everything works out."

We chatted briefly and exchanged contact information. As I left the room, I overheard Rick say to Jane, "He does know you're a lesbian, right?" They went into Jane's "dungeon" for a session and left several hours later.

On Saturday, Sandra and Lea came over. Sandra was a close friend of Mary's (Jane's lover) - they tend bar at a lesbian club. Lea was Sandra's partner.

Jane introduced me to the women: "this is Dave. He's new to things and has a lot to learn. Please be nice to him".

Sandra quipped: "so this is Dave, Janey's slave". The women laughed.

The women decided to go shopping. Jane suggested I go with them. We piled into Jane's car and headed into the Valencia street area. We went to a bookstore and browsed titles. Jane took me to the "sexuality" section and suggested a couple of books that I look at. One was about bondage and the other a guide to anal sex. I read a little of each book and made a purchase. After this we had a coffee and walked into the local sex shop. In the smallish store, heterosexual and lesbian couples were purchasing condoms, vibrators, dildos, cock rings and lube. Jane asked a salesperson for help. A tall women approached. Jane explained that she had purchased one of their strap-on harnesses a while back and was wondering what kind of attachments to get for it.

"Is it for him? " the saleswoman asked, glancing at me.

"Yes, its for him, " Jane replied.

The salesclerk pointed to a row of dildos that were compatible to the harness Jane owned. The clerk also suggested that, "he should be broken in" with several different sizes of butt plugs that they had in stock.

I was a little anxious about purchasing the items.

"Don't worry, sweetie, " Jane said as she tapped my arm, "I'll teach you how to use these."

We then went to the bar where Mary worked. Mary saw us and suggested a table where she could serve us rounds and spend some time with us. Sandra and Lea eventually wandered off to meet other patrons. Lucy, a friend of Jane's, joined us. I recognized her from the BDSM club.

"So this is your boy, " Lucy said as she turned to me.

"Its my pleasure to meet you, " I said trying to make humor of her teasing.

"It will be my pleasure to meet you, " she said. The two women chuckled. They talked about the next BDSM party they planned to attend.

"Be sure to bring Dave with you," Lucy said as she left us.

We had a few more drinks and met other people. Mary told Jane that she would be home late. Jane hinted that it was time to go. We went back to the house. Jane kissed me on the cheek and said, "I like how you were with me today. Good night"

We went to our rooms.

Mary had come home later that night with her friend Maya. I met Maya in the morning as I was making coffee in the kitchen. She walked in wearing only panties and a bra. "Hi, I'm Mary's friend", she said as she took a seat. We talked about the school we both attended. Eventually Jane and Mary came into the kitchen and filled their cups with coffee.

Jane suggested we go for brunch in the Castro (a gay neighborhood of SF). We drove to a a small breakfast and lunch place with a patio in the back. There were mostly gay and lesbian couples eating there. Jane and Mary spotted their friends, Ken and Michael, who invited us to join them.

Jane introduced me: "Ken, Mike, this is Dave, my new boyfriend."

Michael said he thought he had seen me at the BDSM group a few weeks ago. I told him I was there with Jane.

"You were with Jane?" he asked.

"I came with someone else and met her there, " I replied.

"I meant, " he said, "you were in a scene with Jane?"

"Yes, " I admitted, feeling a little shy, "I've had several scenes with Jane. We first met there."

Then everyone chuckled. Ken said, "How sweet. We're happy that you go to the same parties that we do."

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sometimes sleeping together is all you need to do

There are only so many hours in a day. Sometimes I'm just too tired to do all the things I'd like to. But I still find time to show my lady a little affection.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meet the Family

meet the ladies

I met my adopted family members, ladies J & M (I'm keeping their names to one letter to protect their identity). I was honored to attend their regular "community" meetings usually on Sundays when everyone is home. They welcomed me into the family. I told them I would do whatever was needed to get their respect and stay a member in good standing.

I'm a single guy living with two older single women. A pecking order has been established: J is the head of the household, M defers to J and I defer to J and M. They outlined the house rules - basically keeping the common areas neat, respecting their privacy, helping with common chores and attending community meetings. They understand my limited time commitment as I have a p/t job and attending college. With my carpentry skills, I will be keeping the house repaired. The roof has leaks, the porch railings are loose, the exterior needs a new paint job, etc... They also discussed some future projects they would like me to consider building (more on this in a future posting).

The women want me to read more about OPEN relationships as it will be a recurring topic in their meetings.

At the end of the meeting, we held hands in a circle. They said "Welcome to our home, Dave". I said: "I am honored to be a part of your family, [J & M]".

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reassurances from Kat

Reassurances from Kat

Anxious/uncertain how to step up with gf (J). She wants me to move in and be a part of her POLY household where she is the head. She told me to learn-up about FLR & POLY. I read Tristan Taormino's book about "Opening Up" and would like to join J and her gf. BUT - J expects me to play the role of a submissive and to obey her (FLR).

So I read most of the FLR forum posts at:

But I was afraid to comment since I'm a total novice. So I entered into a chatroom with the sysadmin, Kat, to get advice on the forum. Excerpts of the chat are below.

I really appreciate Kat giving me her time.

I liked how she ended our long chat:
"...Just relax and don't worry so much. Don't over think it all. Just talk to her and see what her thoughts are. What she is expecting. I do think this is something you want deep down."
She's right, I do want to be with her (J) deep down. I do want to do what it takes.

Dave (7:07 PM): yes, she has indicated that she prefers I submit to her sexually. she will tell me what she expects & I am to comply.
gentleDomme (7:07 PM): yes
gentleDomme (7:07 PM): okay
gentleDomme (7:07 PM): good start
gentleDomme (7:07 PM): so, I have a question for you
Dave (7:08 PM): yes?
gentleDomme (7:08 PM): how are you feeling about all of this?
gentleDomme (7:08 PM): is it freaking you out a bit?
Dave (7:11 PM): I am feeling two emotions - I'm excited and I'm getting a little freaked by this. I want to please her - as I said last night - I adore her. But I also feel I'm walking on a tightrope - afraid of doing the wrong thing - or maybe this isn't what I would like, but afraid to say no...
gentleDomme (7:12 PM): yes, I think it is just a bit too new for you yet
Dave (7:13 PM): I still want to learn how to love her as she wishes
gentleDomme (7:13 PM): yes
gentleDomme (7:13 PM): and that is a great start
gentleDomme (7:15 PM): nothing wrong with being new at this
gentleDomme (7:15 PM): in fact, she will probably love it
gentleDomme (7:16 PM): because she can train you like she wants

I'm new and willing to learn from her. I hope she understands my situation and takes me up on my offer. I'm willing to do whatever it takes because deep down I do want to be with her .

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hi There - new to this - please be patient! -Dave