Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Who is the trainer and who is the trainee?

Jane began taking personal training sessions from Zev a young, lithe muscle-bound guy at the fitness club she attends. At first she came home and complained how much stress and aggravation he caused her. After a while she adapted to the exercises he directed her to do and began to show results. After one of his sessions with her, he invited her to the fitness center’s lunch room. He seemed attracted to her and asked for a date. She told him: “you’ll have to get to know me first”. So for several weeks they would meet after her workout and talked about their background and interests. Zev was a PE major in college and worked as a physical therapist for a hospital until he was laid off about a year ago. He now worked part time at the center and had personal training sessions with several clients to supplement the little pay he received at the club. Jane told Zev she was a lesbian domme and wasn’t interested in vanilla relationships. Zev seemed eager to receive her services. So Zev came to our dungeon one Saturday evening and had a session with Jane.

I am assisting Jane during her dungeon sessions as a receptionist, answering calls from clients and giving them her instructions to strip to a leather g-string before she would see them. At first I became a bit annoyed at hearing the activities in the dungeon: the clanking of chains, the cracks of the whips & floggers, the screams and whimpers of her clients. Eventually I got to know some the regulars and talked to them as they waited for Jane to come out of the dungeon in her bright red corset, fishnet stockings, thigh-high boots with a crop at her side and say: “who's next!”. I could see fear build up in their expression with each crack of the whip Jane was using on some other client in the dungeon. Her clients were usually middle-aged married men who paid Jane to thrash them regularly. They appreciated her special skills as she tormented them while they were secured to the cross or the rack, wielding her flogger, whip or cane on their flinching bodies. When they were finished, most of them smiled and thanked “Mistress Jane” for her services.

Jane had Zev for her last session of the day. Recently Zev noticed the new cage we built under the spanking table and asked Jane to lock him in it. She asked me if I didn’t mind watching Zev for the night. I immediately agreed to her request not realizing that I would have a sleepless night in a darkened dungeon. My instructions were to let Zev out for toilet breaks and to lock him in the cage when he returned. I was also to wake him early and hose him down in the shower before she came into the dungeon and resumed his torture session.

Later the next morning, Jane called me into her session with Zev. She had him tied to the bench. She forced Zev to suck my c*ck to the root. Then she directed me to fist Zev. I lubed my fingers with astro-glide and stuck one in after another. Eventually his sphincter opened up and took my hand up to the wrist. I rotated my hand and felt the little lump of his prostate. I tapped on it and increased the pressure as his c*ck hardened in a solid erection. Soon little drops of cum were dribbling off the tip of his c*ck onto the floor. Jane picked up the flogger and started on his back as he began moaning and writhing. She attached a large dildo to her harness and inserted it into Zev. She scraped her nails across his back as she thrust him with the large rubber phallus.

I went upstairs and helped Mary prepare lunch in the kitchen. Jane led Zev into the room with a leash attached to his collar. She forced him to kneel under the table facing her opened legs. I served the two women as Jane picked up little bits of food and stuck in into Zev’s mouth. She stood up and lowered her underwear. She took carrot sticks and swished them around her cove and then slid them in and out of Zev’s mouth. Mary watched Jane and Zev with interest. She pointed to a position next to where she was sitting and indicated I was to kneel there. She pushed her panties down to her ankles and dipped carrot sticks into her body and then into my mouth. I had no time to get jealous about Jane and Zev as I was becoming very excited by what Mary was doing to me.

Jane stood and pulled her clothes up and led Zev downstairs to the dungeon. Mary lifted my head and kissed me passionately. We slipped into Mary's room. I tied her up the way she likes and f*cked her slowly.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Family Reunion

It was the right time for our family reunion. In the past few months, we all chased after other partners, cheated a little, argued, fought, made up and found each other again. Now it was time to celebrate our reunion. When we finished dinner Jane quipped: “you two have been so bad, you deserve a spanking!”.

We laughed when Mary said, “shall we try out the dungeon?”. We went downstairs. I stripped and Jane inserted a butt plug into me. The ladies secured me to the cross. They picked up paddles from the wall rack and alternately smacked my butt cheeks until I began to feel the pain of the paddles hitting the same area. My ass was now red and tingly. They unfastened me and tied me on the bench. Jane pulled the plug and placed a curved dildo on her strap-on harness and inserted it in me. Mary pulled a long dildo and began poking it into my mouth as Jane pumped.

After Jane tired of thrusting me, she released me from the bench. Jane and I secured Mary to the bench and paddled her butt. It didn't take too long before her but cheeks were red hot.

We released Mary and she got up on the spanking table and lied on her back. I lifted her legs over my shoulders and began to probe her lightly with my c*ck. Jane started kissing her. Soon I had inserted my d*ck fully and started f*cking Mary slowly as Jane inserted her tongue in Mary's mouth.

When we were done, we walked up the stairs. We had a few drinks and laughed as we sat on the couch. When Jane left the room to change into her nightclothes, Mary and I conspired to give Jane some treatment. We entered her bedroom and I tackled Jane and forced her onto her bed as Mary secured her wrists to the corners. We were all laughing as Jane thought this was some lighthearted fun. Mary and I began to tickle Jane. I knew she was really sensitive on her feet, so I began lightly tickling her soles. Mary tickled Jane's armpits. Soon Jane was writhing on the bed and laughing loudly.

Since Mary and I sub to Jane, we really couldn't inflict pain unless she wanted it but we figured we could torture her with tickling. It was an opportunity to release all the animosity and tension that had built up between Jane and Mary and I. After Jane was exhausted from the torment, we released her. Mary and I lied on the bed on each side of Jane and put our arms around her. We slept together that night.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My apology

I apologize for not keeping many of you posted for so long. I'm also deeply regretting the way things have become 4 me as u may read.
Fri. night I knew I was in trouble when Mary txtd me to come home. I tried calling her but the noise of the bar where she worked made it difficult. I usually hang out with Eric & Susan Fri. eves. after work but I canceled.

when I got home, Jane was having a session with one of her clients. When they finished, she came into my room (across the hall from the dungeon) and asked if I was going 2 b around 4 weekend.

I said yes and sensed the tension between us. She led another client into the dungeon. I panicked and called/txtd or emailed everyone I knew. By then it was late Fri. eve (California time). I reached my BF, Mel, who suggested I txt Jane my pledge & do my chores really well the next day and hope 4 the best.

the next day (Sat. morning) I cleaned the dungeon early, went upstairs and saw a note from Jane 4 me. my heart pounded in fear.I thought she was going 2 tell me it was over. Instead it was a list of things she wanted me 2 do - like pick up her dry cleaning, get groceries, etc. I made coffee for us & went on the errands (I also gassed up Jane's car like Mel suggested). When I returned Mary took the food & said she would make us lunch. She advised me to continue tidying up the place and change into my leathers when I was done.

Jane, Mary & I sat down 4 lunch. We had small talk and Mary laughed occasionally to break up the tension. I could feel Jane was angry with me. At last she said, "are u going to b here today?"

I agreed. She pointed to the floor next 2 her. It was a signal 4 me 2 kneel at that spot. I moved into the position like I had done many times before. She pulled my hair and positioned hy head so I was looking up to her and said, "you have been very bad and you will have a long way 2 go b4 I will forgive u".

I felt both relieved and in dread at the same time. She wont throw me out but she probably has some intense punishment lined up for me.

"today," she said, "you will be working 4 me in the dungeon".

(more later) 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Dungeon

We tried out our new dungeon a few weeks ago.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sis's new BF - vanilla but kink curious

My stepsister has an on-off relationship with a guy about my age. Lately the relationship is on the "off" switch. Sis tells me she wants her boy Danny more into kink. She places clamps on his nipples when they're together. She has him wear a collar and kneel before her to service her as she pleases. When she brought up the topic of anal sex, he balked. He told her: "I don't do that yucky stuff".
"Well don't come around here until you do, " she told him in a fit of anger.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Orgies: why I like them & what they mean to me

Orgies: why I like them & what they mean to me
I prefer orgies to one-on-ones. To me, even a 3some is an orgy. Even group kissing is to me an orgy of sorts. Orgies are different than swinging. In swinging 2 or more het. couples meet and swap partners. The men might tolerate a little FFaction, but definitely not MM! In an orgy, IMO, anything goes: MM, FF, BDSM, Fetish, etc. It just depends on who is attending. And it is also not uncommon for participants to move around between other men & women during play; there are no "limits". In my experience, most women seem to accept the possibility of an evening of lovemaking with other men & women. Most guys seem to want to play it either straight or gay. The "etiquette" of an orgy is that there are no limits (except SSC practices - all guys use condoms, etc. ) . Participants are discouraged from kicking back & watching;  they are urged to take part in whatever happens. Most of my friends are bi and get into the action without hesitation. With new people, there is often the initial shock of the orgy and they are wondering what they should do. One of the "veterans" will usually mentor or work wih the new people. We do not force people to do something thay do not want to or at least are not ready to do, especially bi stuff & BDSM.  Usually I'll make sure guys say they are "bi" or at least "bi-curious" before I invite them. My roomies qualify women similarly. What I look for is an open mind. If they act the least judgemental ("I don't do that..."), I usually don't invite them. If they day something like, "I'd consider doing that..." I figure there is a chance they will fit into the party.  Usually determined "straights" or gay guys will not feel comfortable in the orgy. I know gays who have said they have never had sex with a woman. If they say they would consider it if the mood was right, then I invite them. Gay guys often know how to have the best sex with other guys, especially butt sex.  I've known other guys who say that they are reluctant to do MM stuff but once they get in the groove of the orgy, they seem to like it. With women, they seem to initially resist but once the room heats up, they seem open to the possibility. There is also the stimulus synergy that good orgies have. Many women are turned on by MM action just as men are of FF action.  As the party heats up, participants do even wilder things, often activity they have never done such as BDSM. It seems if the other guy or girl is doing it, you don't seem to mind doing it yourself.

Enough about the preliminary general stuff. Here is what usually happens in orgies I participate in. I most often am in 3somes with my roomies and have described a typical scene in an earlier post. I'm also the +1 with het. couples (such as Eric & Susan as described in an earlier post.) Usually the guy is happily coupled with his gf but feels a part of him is not satisfied. He may not admit it if he has a rep. to keep but he is probably bi. If you're having sex with one gender & getting turned on by someone of another gender at the same time, you're probably bi. You can still identify as "het.". I know I do. I think if I eventually live with someone, it will probably be a woman or women as I do now (sorry guys). I like having sex with guys, but I'm just not entirely into gay relationships. Often gays resent my sexual orientation as if I'm fence sitting ("eventually you'll be gay like the rest of us"). If you think your gf or bf will not accept your "other side" (or may make a scene if you do things with the other gender), maybe orgies will work for you. You can always go home and dismiss your "bi" activities as "you were caught up in the moment". My roomies & I have had 4 & 5somes with guys or couples who will not acknowledge that they might be "bi". Sometimes these "straight" people make the best lovers.

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Dave turns 20!

Last month I turned 20. I was no longer a "teen". The change was only nominal; nothing of substance had changed in my life. In fact, my birthday started like the usual evening I have with Eric & Susan. I usually meet them at their flat in North Beach after work. They don't live there, they rent it for sessions with several others including Jane (one of my roommates).
I called Susan on her cell to let her know when I would be coming. She suggested I meet with her at the Caffe where Eric was working. Eric is a photographer and artists' model and is very much in demand. Even so, he has to work occassional shifts at one of the cafes in town to make ends meet. Susan is also a model and a pro domme. I met Eric at the open drawing session of the art school. I told him I admired his athletic physique. He liked my drawings and invited me up to the flat Susan and He rent nearby. Eric & I hit it off immediately. We do mostly kissing and some oral stuff. Since he is in an open relationship with Susan, he suggested I meet her someday. I met Susan with Eric a few days later and we hit it off really well. I guess I'm sort of the couple's "third wheel". Besides BDSM & sex sessions, we often do things socially like attend concerts, movies, caffes, etc. We have even gone shopping at a local sex shop where Susan suggested toys & devices that we could use during our evening play sessions. I now meet with them almost every Fri. eve. I usually do some sketches of them before we settle into our sessions.
As I said, this evening was a little different. I met Susan at the cafe where Eric was still waiting on tables. We were joined by Susan's friend, Kay, (another pro domme who also rents the flat) and her bf, Jason (Jas). Kay had just finished a session with a client and told us the flat was available for the rest of the evening for whatever we wanted to do. I guessed K & J knew the background of my relationship with Susan & Eric as they immediately sugegsted a 5-some with some BDSM. Eric brought a small makeshift cake with 1 candle, and two bottles of champaigne. He seemed to like the idea of the 5-some. Some of the staff joined in a round of "Happy Birthday" and laughed when Kay said she was going to give me 20 smacks on the ass. We hung around for a little more until Eric finished his shift and then walked up Grant to the flat.

The flat has one giant bedroom with what is called a "California King" bed which could sleep 4 or 5 comfortably. There are two end tables each with a large bowl filled with condoms of all kinds and sizes: lubed, non-lubed, ribbed, etc. There are bureaus against the back wall where each of the tenants store their "toys" and gear. The closet is full of fetish-wear. The kitchen is sparse. There are a few bottles of wine and several dozen bottles of lube & body oil in the refrigerator. We stored what was left of our champaigne there. Someone turned on the wide-screen television and tuned to a sex movie. The bathroom has a walk-in shower, a whirlpool hot-tub, bidet & toilet. I went in and took a quick shower. I dressed in a tiny leather jock I brought with me.

When I re-entered the room everyone was on the bed stipped down to their underwear or lingerie. Eric was chatting with Jas and Kay & Susan were kissing and giggling. I knelt at the foot of the bed and began massaging Susan's feet as Kay went on top of her. Susan was beginning to respond warmly to my foot worship. I worked my kisses up her thighs as Kay worked down her breasts with kisses. Eric began kissing Jas lightly.

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