Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yule Solstice Rite, Pt. 2 [excerpts]

Holly tugged on Dave's hand as they walked toward her house. The sun had set out in the western sky, twilight was receding as they hurried through the shadowy forest. She asked him for more details about the woman he had been seeing lately, the Fire Witch . His hands became sweaty as he tried to supress his fear.

Dave was reluctant to go to Holly's. He was afraid and attracted to her. She had a way of pushing the edge of what he could take of torture and bdsm. He felt as if she was his teacher, dragging him to the principal for punishment.

"Is she Wiccan?  Has she been in our meetings before?" Holly could not hold her curiosity back.
"Maybe," he replied absently, "not sure." He didn't want to ask the Fire Witch about her background as he felt his relationship was still undefined and tenuous.

Holly pressed him for a description of the red-hair woman who had cast him into her spell and branded the triskelion on his hip. Dave began to feel defensive. How will I introduce her to the coven? How will I explain my absence from the coven's rituals for so long? He had maintained his friendship with the coven's members in numerous menages. He had been to Holly's dungeon many times and had stayed for the night to sleep her and her partner, Tom. No one from the coven ever asked him why he didn't attend rituals because they knew he had been released by Jane, his former Mistress. They assumed he needed time to process the separation. They didn't know he had been actively courting the another witch, one was not from their coven.


The couples arrived and hung their overcoats on the wall pegs . The women were dressed in robes of sheer fabric that barely concealed their fetish outfits of corsetry, fishnets and boots. The men were dressed in black jocks with restraining cuffs sewed on the sides. Dave was wearing a leather kilt thong.

Alice, the founder of the Coven, arrived. Alice removed her long coat and revealed her robes that were secured by a braided belt that held a sheathed knife on one side and a flogger on the other. Dave felt a sudden pang of fear. He had texted her daily as she required and assumed she was still working in New York. She had continued to console him about his breakup with her ex-lover, Jane. Alice had no clue that Dave was seeing someone, but now Dave figured she either knew or would find out quickly from the members of the coven. He had no idea she would be here. If I knew she was coming here I wouldn't have told here I wanted a severe beating from her.

After the business matters concluded, Holly encircled the group in a long white garland. The women stayed at their seats and the men knelt beside them and inserted their arms in the restraining cuffs on their sides.

Alice took her place at the foot of the table and Holly led Dave to the front and directed him to lie on his back as she secured his shackles to the eyehooks on the legs of the table. Dave could lift his head a little and see the members of the coven in the dim candle light.

Holly recited the chants from the coven's Book of Shadows. She dipped the athame into the chalice and recited the Yule spell. Alice stepped forward and pulled her boline out of it's sheath. She slowly traced an inverted pentagram on Dave's heaving chest. Dave started to gasp. "Gag him," Alice ordered Holly. There were no gags within the circle as they were seldom needed by the brave submissive men. Holly slipped off her thong and stuffed it into Dave's mouth. Lisa untied the scarf from her neck and handed it to Holly. She tied the scarf around Dave's head as he started to yelp. Holly listened closely for Dave's safeword which she knew.

"Dave, just tap 3 times on the table if you want us to stop", she reminded him of his silent signal. Dave sighed a little and felt relieved that Holly at least was looking out for him as he was about to endure a new threshold of pain from Alice's sharp blade.

As Alice moved the sharp tip of her dagger closer into his skin, his muscles became taut, sweat poured down his prominent abs and his heart was visibly pumping beneath his chest. Dave mustered all the courage he had to be still and stoicly take the knife but he could not control the heaving of his body. A small trickle of blood began to flow where the tip of the knife tore into his skin. There was attentive silence amid the members of this coven as they intently gazed on their first sacrifice of the evening. Dave's hands gripped the legs of the table tightly as his eyes looked up at Holly who was looking at his face. The room had an intense odor of burning candles and fear.

"Stop", said Holly, "he's not ready for this. He hasn't been initiated to the first level yet."

There was a sigh of relief in the group. "We will need someone for tonight's sacrifice", Alice stared at Holly.

"Not Dave tonight," Holly repeated her order. Although Alice had found the coven, she acknowledged Holly's authority.

"Goeff will be sacrificed," said Lisa as she seemed eager to use her partner for a cutting ritual. Goeff glanced up at Lisa from his kneeling position and silently begged for mercy, but Lisa repeated her order, "Goeff, you will take Dave's place".

Holly took the black candle from the Yule log and slowly dripped an inverted of hot wax on Dave's chest as Holly stroked his forehead and recited her Sacrificial Spell. His chest reddened as his flesh singed with the molten wax.

The other members of the coven recited their refrain as the women walked up to the table and lashed his chest with pine boughs.

Holly released Dave's shackles from the legs of the table and he sat up, shaking his limbs to restore the circulation. Holly sensed Alice was making a play for Dave. Although she respected Alice, the founder of the coven, she was wary of the treatment Dave would get from her. "Later, Dave", she whispered to him.

Alice gave a look of disappointment to Dave. "Tomorrow night at Jane's," she said to him loudly. Dave gasped. He recognized from the tone of Alice's directive that he would receive a sound whipping in Jane's dungeon for being such a coward.

Alice had other intentions. She wanted to lure Dave away from the Fire Witch and back to Jane. Dave would reluctantly submit to the order she gave him because of the pact they had made. The implied whipping was her way of closing the deal.