Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Family Reunion

It was the right time for our family reunion. In the past few months, we all chased after other partners, cheated a little, argued, fought, made up and found each other again. Now it was time to celebrate our reunion. When we finished dinner Jane quipped: “you two have been so bad, you deserve a spanking!”.

We laughed when Mary said, “shall we try out the dungeon?”. We went downstairs. I stripped and Jane inserted a butt plug into me. The ladies secured me to the cross. They picked up paddles from the wall rack and alternately smacked my butt cheeks until I began to feel the pain of the paddles hitting the same area. My ass was now red and tingly. They unfastened me and tied me on the bench. Jane pulled the plug and placed a curved dildo on her strap-on harness and inserted it in me. Mary pulled a long dildo and began poking it into my mouth as Jane pumped.

After Jane tired of thrusting me, she released me from the bench. Jane and I secured Mary to the bench and paddled her butt. It didn't take too long before her but cheeks were red hot.

We released Mary and she got up on the spanking table and lied on her back. I lifted her legs over my shoulders and began to probe her lightly with my c*ck. Jane started kissing her. Soon I had inserted my d*ck fully and started f*cking Mary slowly as Jane inserted her tongue in Mary's mouth.

When we were done, we walked up the stairs. We had a few drinks and laughed as we sat on the couch. When Jane left the room to change into her nightclothes, Mary and I conspired to give Jane some treatment. We entered her bedroom and I tackled Jane and forced her onto her bed as Mary secured her wrists to the corners. We were all laughing as Jane thought this was some lighthearted fun. Mary and I began to tickle Jane. I knew she was really sensitive on her feet, so I began lightly tickling her soles. Mary tickled Jane's armpits. Soon Jane was writhing on the bed and laughing loudly.

Since Mary and I sub to Jane, we really couldn't inflict pain unless she wanted it but we figured we could torture her with tickling. It was an opportunity to release all the animosity and tension that had built up between Jane and Mary and I. After Jane was exhausted from the torment, we released her. Mary and I lied on the bed on each side of Jane and put our arms around her. We slept together that night.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My apology

I apologize for not keeping many of you posted for so long. I'm also deeply regretting the way things have become 4 me as u may read.
Fri. night I knew I was in trouble when Mary txtd me to come home. I tried calling her but the noise of the bar where she worked made it difficult. I usually hang out with Eric & Susan Fri. eves. after work but I canceled.

when I got home, Jane was having a session with one of her clients. When they finished, she came into my room (across the hall from the dungeon) and asked if I was going 2 b around 4 weekend.

I said yes and sensed the tension between us. She led another client into the dungeon. I panicked and called/txtd or emailed everyone I knew. By then it was late Fri. eve (California time). I reached my BF, Mel, who suggested I txt Jane my pledge & do my chores really well the next day and hope 4 the best.

the next day (Sat. morning) I cleaned the dungeon early, went upstairs and saw a note from Jane 4 me. my heart pounded in fear.I thought she was going 2 tell me it was over. Instead it was a list of things she wanted me 2 do - like pick up her dry cleaning, get groceries, etc. I made coffee for us & went on the errands (I also gassed up Jane's car like Mel suggested). When I returned Mary took the food & said she would make us lunch. She advised me to continue tidying up the place and change into my leathers when I was done.

Jane, Mary & I sat down 4 lunch. We had small talk and Mary laughed occasionally to break up the tension. I could feel Jane was angry with me. At last she said, "are u going to b here today?"

I agreed. She pointed to the floor next 2 her. It was a signal 4 me 2 kneel at that spot. I moved into the position like I had done many times before. She pulled my hair and positioned hy head so I was looking up to her and said, "you have been very bad and you will have a long way 2 go b4 I will forgive u".

I felt both relieved and in dread at the same time. She wont throw me out but she probably has some intense punishment lined up for me.

"today," she said, "you will be working 4 me in the dungeon".

(more later)