Sunday, October 18, 2009

My first evening with Holly & Tom

I was looking for a topic to write about for a paper in my psychology class. My research area was centered on "alternate life and love styles". Holly had joined me on the project. We had attended a lecture about non-monogamy earlier and agreed it could be a topic worth exploring.
“You could study me, “ she said , “I can introduce you to several polyamorous couples as well. “
I was attracted to Holly since we first met several semesters ago. Holly is a mother of two young girls in her early forties, living with her boyfriend, Tom. She often talked about how Tom was so much better than her first husband, how he cared for her, how he took care of her children, etc. When I heard her praise of her boyfriend, I felt it would be inappropriate to ask her for a date, although I felt the urge. I still continued to flirt with her: “you know, your smile always makes me happy, “ I said as I touched her hand.
Holly often hinted how her relationship with Tom was so special. I would ask her to explain, but she usually offered generalities such as how attentive Tom was to her. I have a weakness for strong women, especially older ones. Usually when I sense their strength, I become nervous and shy. I learned that these women were often dominants. I had this sensation with Holly and felt excited when she invited me to dinner with her family later in the week.
Holly and Tom live with her two daughters in a petite Victorian in the Noe Valley area of the city. Tom was only a few years older than I, and had graduated from the same college I was attending. Tom set the table, brought the food in and then cleared the table after dinner. He then took the girls up to their rooms while Holly explained her relationship with him.
“We are non-monogamous couple in a female led relationship. Tom is my boy. I love him and he loves my kids and me. We’ve been living together in D/s for several years.”
I asked her to explain the D/s. Holly dominates Tom and he submits to her. “Tom has one primary goal and that is my happiness. He is to listen, obey, serve and follow me”, she said.
“And if he doesn’t? I asked.
“Then he receives punishment from me.”
I felt aroused and curious about this. “You punish him? “ I asked in a choked voice.
“yes,” she replied, “he looks forward to our play when he gets his punishment.”
She explained that she beats Tom regularly to remind him of her dominance. Although she has a set of rules she would like him to live by, she is not very strict with him. “I’m arbitrary with my Tommy, I play with him when I feel like it, even if he hasn’t done anything wrong. In fact, I play with him more when he pleases me, like he does tonight. Would you like to watch how I play with Tom?” she asked.
I was intrigued and said, “If you two don’t mind then yes, very much so”.
Tom eventually returned and Holly explained that she would let me watch her punish him. Tom replied enthusiastically, “we like to show other people how we play.” We went downstairs to the den. Holly opened a small room that was their dungeon and we stepped inside. Tom undressed to his shorts, attached pairs of cuffs to his wrists and ankles and stood before a rack. Holly attached the cuffs to the sides of the frame. She pulled a large leather flogger off the rack on the wall and proceeded to flail Tom’s back. As he yelped, Holly reached around to his chest embracing him and pinching his nipples. I was becoming more aroused by Holly and Tom. I could feel my erection growing. Holly returned the flogger to the rack and selected a ball gag and a long paddle. She said, “I’m going to put this ball gag on Tom so we don’t wake the girls”. She tightened straps of the device around his head and stepped back. The paddle whooshed in the air as she gave him ten whacks, each one harder than the previous one. He gasped through the gag as the paddle struck his butt each time. He began to tremble under the pain of the blows. She reached around him and slipped her hand inside his shorts and clutched his cock. His cock thickened to an erection with her touching. She began slowly jacking him up and down. His body loosened up as he began to relax. She pulled away and gave him another ten whacks, each one harder then the previous ten. He shook even more violently; sweat was covering the surface of his back and legs. He tried to scream, but the gag rendered his cries to muffled moans. He seemed to be humming a song of pain, a steady “owww” that increased in intensity as she continued her paddling. Holly moved closer to him and said, “that’s it, Tom, suffer for me.”
After several minutes of paddling, Holly stopped and reached for a jar of skin lotion, which she rubbed on his reddened back. She applied more lotion to her hands and slid them under his shorts and rubbed it on Tom’s butt. She whispered to him, “I proud of you Tom, you took it like a man”. She then released Tom. He kneeled before her and began kissing her side.
“Thank you for beating me, Holly,” he said to her, his face streaming with sweat and tears, “I needed that”.
“Now, “ Holly turned to me and said, “what about you. Would you like to play?”
“y-y-yes, “ I replied in a short whisper. I was afraid and turned on by what I had seen, “but I don’t know if I could take as much as Tom did.”
“I’ll just give you a few easy ones,” she said. Tom unbuckled his cuffs and handed them to me. I unbuttoned my shirt and dropped my jeans to the floor and buckled the damp cuffs to my ankles and wrists. Holly attached the cuffs to the rack. My erection was jutting under the fabric of my shorts. She reached for the flogger and gave me several light strokes.
“Do you like that, “ she asked me.
“yes, Holly,” I answered with enthusiasm.
“Good, “ she continued flogging me progressively harder, “I’ll give you a few more. Just let me know if you’d like me to stop”.
I felt an adrenaline rush, like the rush I sometimes get from exercising really hard. My heart raced and my breathing quickened. I noticed Tom stroking his member as he watched Holly thrashing my back with the flogger.
After a few minutes, Holly asked: “have you had enough, Dave?”
“Yes, Holly, I think I’ve had enough.” I answered with a trembling voice.
She unfastened my cuffs from the frame. She put her arms around me and hugged. “Did you like that, “ she asked.
“y-y-yes, very much, “ I said. I felt embarrassed and excited that I could actually like a beating, but I guess I liked it because Holly had done this to me. I felt even more attracted to Holly. My member was still erect.
“Would you like another session later on?”
“yes,”, I replied, as I turned to hear, shielding my obvious erection, “I would.”
“Good, then,” she beamed, “then we’ll set another play date for you this week?”
“Yes, I’d like that, “ I said. I don’t know why I agreed to be beat again. I think if I had thought about it, I would have refused, but as it is, I was caught up in the moment. Holly had stirred deeper feelings in me that I wanted to feel more.
Holly suggested we slip in to her hot tub. It was a cold night, typically foggy and windy. The steam rose from the small tub on the rear deck of the house. Holly wound the timer and the jets pushed bubbling streams of heated water into the tub. We stripped off our clothes and slipped into the tepid water.
After relaxing a bit, Holly grasped Tom & my hands and pulled us toward her. We moved in as her hands grasped our members. We began kissing her. Our kisses went lower to the water line as we followed the contours of her body. Holly pushed her body to the ledge of the pool. Tom & I were now kissing her thighs as she pulled our heads in closer.
“I want you to kiss each other, “ she said to Tom & I. We lifted our heads up from her body and looked at each other. Tom moved in closer to me, his lips parting. Holly noticed my hesitation. “Dave, “ she said, “if you’re not comfortable…”
I had not thought of Tom in an erotic way. He was a handsome, masculine guy, a little older than I.
“We’re into open relationships and we are attracted to you, Dave”, Holly said in an encouraging tone.
“Well” I said, “Lets take this slow.”
I leaned in closer to Tom and opened my mouth slightly. His lips enclosed my lower lip as we kissed lightly.
Holly then pulled our heads closer together. I could feel the stubble of his chin. His lips were almost as soft as a woman’s. I stuck my tongue inside his mouth. He sucked it lightly. I was excited.
Holly then suggested we go upstairs. We put on our clothes. I left my shirt off because I needed to cool down and didn’t want to soak the shirt with my sweat. Holly led us to the master bedroom. She pointed to the adjoining bathroom and said, “there’s some clean towels in there if you want to take a shower.” I went in and took a shower. When I came out, I saw Holly and Tom in the large bed, under the covers. They were kissing and fondling each other.
“Would you like to have a smoke with us? “ Holly asked. I sat on the edge of the bed beside her as she handed me the cigarette. Her hand landed on my thigh and wandered toward my crotch. She squeezed my cock. “Would you like to join us?” she asked. I turned and saw Holly and Tom smiling.
I looked at the woman I had been attracted to for a long time beckoning me to sleep with her. “Sure”, I said as I unbuttoned my shirt and slid my jeans off. Holly and Tom made some room for me over as she peeled back the covers. I slid under the sheets, next to her. Holly put one arm around Tom and the other around me. She kissed him first then turned and kissed me.
Tom and I kissed Holly alternately several more times. Eventually we each moved our kisses to other parts of her body. We had an evening of passionate lovemaking.


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