Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dave turns 20!

Last month I turned 20. I was no longer a "teen". The change was only nominal; nothing of substance had changed in my life. In fact, my birthday started like the usual evening I have with Eric & Susan. I usually meet them at their flat in North Beach after work. They don't live there, they rent it for sessions with several others including Jane (one of my roommates).
I called Susan on her cell to let her know when I would be coming. She suggested I meet with her at the Caffe where Eric was working. Eric is a photographer and artists' model and is very much in demand. Even so, he has to work occassional shifts at one of the cafes in town to make ends meet. Susan is also a model and a pro domme. I met Eric at the open drawing session of the art school. I told him I admired his athletic physique. He liked my drawings and invited me up to the flat Susan and He rent nearby. Eric & I hit it off immediately. We do mostly kissing and some oral stuff. Since he is in an open relationship with Susan, he suggested I meet her someday. I met Susan with Eric a few days later and we hit it off really well. I guess I'm sort of the couple's "third wheel". Besides BDSM & sex sessions, we often do things socially like attend concerts, movies, caffes, etc. We have even gone shopping at a local sex shop where Susan suggested toys & devices that we could use during our evening play sessions. I now meet with them almost every Fri. eve. I usually do some sketches of them before we settle into our sessions.
As I said, this evening was a little different. I met Susan at the cafe where Eric was still waiting on tables. We were joined by Susan's friend, Kay, (another pro domme who also rents the flat) and her bf, Jason (Jas). Kay had just finished a session with a client and told us the flat was available for the rest of the evening for whatever we wanted to do. I guessed K & J knew the background of my relationship with Susan & Eric as they immediately sugegsted a 5-some with some BDSM. Eric brought a small makeshift cake with 1 candle, and two bottles of champaigne. He seemed to like the idea of the 5-some. Some of the staff joined in a round of "Happy Birthday" and laughed when Kay said she was going to give me 20 smacks on the ass. We hung around for a little more until Eric finished his shift and then walked up Grant to the flat.

The flat has one giant bedroom with what is called a "California King" bed which could sleep 4 or 5 comfortably. There are two end tables each with a large bowl filled with condoms of all kinds and sizes: lubed, non-lubed, ribbed, etc. There are bureaus against the back wall where each of the tenants store their "toys" and gear. The closet is full of fetish-wear. The kitchen is sparse. There are a few bottles of wine and several dozen bottles of lube & body oil in the refrigerator. We stored what was left of our champaigne there. Someone turned on the wide-screen television and tuned to a sex movie. The bathroom has a walk-in shower, a whirlpool hot-tub, bidet & toilet. I went in and took a quick shower. I dressed in a tiny leather jock I brought with me.

When I re-entered the room everyone was on the bed stipped down to their underwear or lingerie. Eric was chatting with Jas and Kay & Susan were kissing and giggling. I knelt at the foot of the bed and began massaging Susan's feet as Kay went on top of her. Susan was beginning to respond warmly to my foot worship. I worked my kisses up her thighs as Kay worked down her breasts with kisses. Eric began kissing Jas lightly.

(more later)

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