Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meet the Family

meet the ladies

I met my adopted family members, ladies J & M (I'm keeping their names to one letter to protect their identity). I was honored to attend their regular "community" meetings usually on Sundays when everyone is home. They welcomed me into the family. I told them I would do whatever was needed to get their respect and stay a member in good standing.

I'm a single guy living with two older single women. A pecking order has been established: J is the head of the household, M defers to J and I defer to J and M. They outlined the house rules - basically keeping the common areas neat, respecting their privacy, helping with common chores and attending community meetings. They understand my limited time commitment as I have a p/t job and attending college. With my carpentry skills, I will be keeping the house repaired. The roof has leaks, the porch railings are loose, the exterior needs a new paint job, etc... They also discussed some future projects they would like me to consider building (more on this in a future posting).

The women want me to read more about OPEN relationships as it will be a recurring topic in their meetings.

At the end of the meeting, we held hands in a circle. They said "Welcome to our home, Dave". I said: "I am honored to be a part of your family, [J & M]".

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  1. Hi dave. Look forward to reading along with your blog. Hope things go well. I put yours on my blog list to keep up-to-date on it.