Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reassurances from Kat

Reassurances from Kat

Anxious/uncertain how to step up with gf (J). She wants me to move in and be a part of her POLY household where she is the head. She told me to learn-up about FLR & POLY. I read Tristan Taormino's book about "Opening Up" and would like to join J and her gf. BUT - J expects me to play the role of a submissive and to obey her (FLR).

So I read most of the FLR forum posts at:

But I was afraid to comment since I'm a total novice. So I entered into a chatroom with the sysadmin, Kat, to get advice on the forum. Excerpts of the chat are below.

I really appreciate Kat giving me her time.

I liked how she ended our long chat:
"...Just relax and don't worry so much. Don't over think it all. Just talk to her and see what her thoughts are. What she is expecting. I do think this is something you want deep down."
She's right, I do want to be with her (J) deep down. I do want to do what it takes.

Dave (7:07 PM): yes, she has indicated that she prefers I submit to her sexually. she will tell me what she expects & I am to comply.
gentleDomme (7:07 PM): yes
gentleDomme (7:07 PM): okay
gentleDomme (7:07 PM): good start
gentleDomme (7:07 PM): so, I have a question for you
Dave (7:08 PM): yes?
gentleDomme (7:08 PM): how are you feeling about all of this?
gentleDomme (7:08 PM): is it freaking you out a bit?
Dave (7:11 PM): I am feeling two emotions - I'm excited and I'm getting a little freaked by this. I want to please her - as I said last night - I adore her. But I also feel I'm walking on a tightrope - afraid of doing the wrong thing - or maybe this isn't what I would like, but afraid to say no...
gentleDomme (7:12 PM): yes, I think it is just a bit too new for you yet
Dave (7:13 PM): I still want to learn how to love her as she wishes
gentleDomme (7:13 PM): yes
gentleDomme (7:13 PM): and that is a great start
gentleDomme (7:15 PM): nothing wrong with being new at this
gentleDomme (7:15 PM): in fact, she will probably love it
gentleDomme (7:16 PM): because she can train you like she wants

I'm new and willing to learn from her. I hope she understands my situation and takes me up on my offer. I'm willing to do whatever it takes because deep down I do want to be with her .

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